Practice day, Lazy way

So there it goes. The first and second day of the reopening of this blog came and went. How did I fare? With flying colors, that’s how!

Uhmn, well, it’s not actually the traditional “flying colors” symbolism. It’s more of a literal flying color. Neon lights at that. Okay, fine! I screwed it. I played Dance Central these couple of days. But that can also be considered practice right? I mean, it did move my body quite a lot and did some fancy footwork. It counts! It really does! :p

I know that I really need to make an effort this coming days to get back to my running ways again, but there’s just to many things going on. I have tight reporting deadlines in my job, customer meetings, conference calls, comfy bed, warm blanket and cold temperature. See! My plate is full! Yep, full of shitty excuses that is. 😀 I don’t care, I’ll still go about my happy ways.

Anyway, I was re-reading my blog then realized that I stopped it abruptly. I don’t remember much of the preparation details anymore, but what I remember is that I was already doing 2-hour runs before the actual marathon, so that helped a lot. Also, I did a pace of about 5:30 per kilometer during practice, and throttled to around 7 minutes per kilometer during the actual marathon. That’s how I finished it, in case anyone is wondering. Hahaha! In case anyone is wondering, that’s funny! I’m the only one reading this blog! XD Sometimes I crack myself up. hahaha!

So fat forward 2014. Err… Fast forward 2014, another marathon, another chance. And I have dinner plans later this evening, so that’s not going to work. Goodbye Wednesday! Thank you for another good excuse to be lazy. :p

I’ll seriously start on Thursday. I’ll keep you (meaning myself) posted on what happens. Wish me luck!

(Myself: Good luck!!)


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