Itchy park

4:00 AM was the designated time to wake up. And my ever so trusty alarm brought me to my senses and told me it was time. Since I had difficulty sleeping the previous night (sounds like an excuse to me!), I asked for a 10-minute allowance which was generously given. So I ended up waking up 10 minutes before 6:00 AM. Super late for my set schedule. I wonder how I make it on time during actual runs. Anyway, this makes it, Body – what? Never mind. I lost count. Stupid will power. :p

Actually, the park I was going to this time wasn’t itchy at all. It’ called the Makati Park and Gardens. Makati, besides being a place, also means for itchy in local parlance, therefore the pun. Ang corny naman kapag in-explain ang joke! 😀 It was my first time to go there but did some map reading the previous day so I won’t get lost. Since, map-wise, the place looked near the EDSA, I decided to walk from the corner of EDSA and JP Rizal. Thanks to the creators of these maps, I was able to warm up before my run. It took a good 20-25 minutes of walk to the place! 

When I first saw the park, I was a bit disappointed. It was deceptively small from the outside. But my disappointment only got as far as the park entrance. It was clean and well kept inside. It has at least 3 water fountains, comfort rooms, an amphitheater, a man-made lake, swimming pools, a function room, several bird cages and an orchid garden. I was huge inside! But the best thing about the park was that it has ample space for runners. And you can also deposit your things in the guard house. Okay, it was not actually designated as such but that’s what I did and the guard accommodated my request! 😉

So then I started running. By this time, my condition is already recovering from my running slack, but the problem is… IT WAS ALREADY 7:30!! And the sun was not taking it easy going up its place. I was extra hot because of the very good weather. Nice timing clouds! Where were you when I needed you? You let the sun take away all my energy! 

Surprisingly, it took a mere 11 and a half laps through the course to meet my 1:15 target. That’s how big the place was. After my run, I took a look around the park to appreciate it more. I’ve posted some of the pictures below.

Before the run (kwarto pic)

Itchy park sinage

Uy may bird! 😀

Paano mo malalaman kung may discrimination? Kapag ganito ang sign sa CR ng lalaki…

Men's room

At ganito ang sa babae..

Ladies room

One of the make-shift trail

One of the fountains

Binay statue

Rock fountain

Parang hindi sa Makati no?

View of my hometown (Mandaluyong) from afar

After the run


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