The home-park advantage

I was again waken my by trusty alarm at 5 AM. Excited as I was to start my day, I didn’t. Instead I woke up at around 9 AM. WTF!! Now it’s too sunny to run! Unless I can find an indoor track or oval to practice on. Yeah. Dream on. Body – 2 point; Will Power – nil. Come on will power! Body is beating the hell out of us!! So I just decided to run at dusk.

My destination for today: Legaspi Active Park! Obviously it’s on Legaspi Street, one of the backstreets of the central business district. This park is the closest to my heart because it is where I first discovered the joy of running. Plus it is one of the nearest to our office making it very accessible!

The destination

Anyway, I started my routine at around 5:30 PM with the sun yet to set although the clouds are doing me some favor, blocking out Mr. Sun. I took my leisurely walk on my first lap before starting my main set. And by the way, I’ve got some pictures for show this time around!

Before the run

Then I started my timer and began to run. I felt like I was in a better condition than yesterday since I went through my first 5 laps (about 10 mins.) with ease. No, really! I didn’t feel flat-footed or lose my breath easily. Haha! I’m getting back to my running form!

But as I progressed through my course, I felt the lack of mileage was giving my breathing some problem. I should’ve run at least once a week just to be in an acceptable condition. My bad. These kinds of rookie mistakes shouldn’t have been committed by me, an A-class athlete (I wish)! 30 minutes in and I had to slow down to take large gulps of water and mouthfuls of air. Shabby, shabby, shabby.

One thing that kept me going though was a line I saw in on a Nike store window. I don’t stop when I’m tired, I stop when I’m done. Yup, stubborn as I was, I kept going. I have a target. And I will meet that target even if I sound like a woman in labor in doing so. And sure as farts smell bad, I finished. 1 hour, 34 laps, 18 days away. I can do this!

After the run


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