Day One: Triangle affair

The beautiful alarm on my phone woke me up at 4:30. But my body refused to get up and said it was too early. So I indulged for a little shut-eye and hoped to start my day 30 minutes later. It started just a bit later. Errr, okay, an hour later actually. I woke up at 6, so much for my wake up plan. Body – 1, Will Power 0!! Go body! ;p

There was a bit of an advantage waking up at this time though. For starters, breakfast was ready. No need to prepare or improvise my breakfast. After shoving some for energy, I prepared my stuff and was on my way by 6:20. Hmn.. Am I missing something? Oh right, a bath. I didn’t take one. hahahaha! I was on a hurry okay! Sun was already coming up! And besides, I intend to take one when I get back, so no biggie. 😛

My first venue, the Ayala Triangle gardens. I thought I was going to see an empty garden considering it was early in the morning and a holiday at that. But as it is, there were close to 20 people already doing their thing. Not to be out done, I started doing my routine starting with a brisk walk just to warm things up. One lap in and I decided to start my run.

I ran steadily in a conversational pace just to have a feel of running again. Although it was an easy pace, I was flat-footed and lacked rhythm. That’s what you get for not running in a while. My mouth was already open just 7 minutes in! God was I in good condition!

Anyway, I got through the 30-minute marker without having further difficulty. Okay, I may be exaggerating. I may have stopped for a quick drink 24 ticks in. I may have been already panting. My right shoulder blade and my left toe may have already started hurting. Yes, no difficulty was exaggerated. But no worries, these are all normal signs of a great athlete. 😀

I completed my 45 minute run looking (and feeling) drained. I’m out of shape, I know. It took a couple more rounds of walking to stabilize my breath so I can begin stretching. I then sat for a while and tried to squeeze more water out of my tumbler which seemed to have spilt all its contents without even being close to satisfying my thirst. But I was happy I completed my target and went on my way home.

I waited for an ordinary bus for 2 reasons. The first is I didn’t want to intervene with my sweating and get sick. Next is just a little consideration for the bus. You see, although I changed my shirt, I didn’t bring an extra shorts or underwear since there was no place to change anyway. But lo and behold, the bus I got into had cotton upholstery! Nice!

When I got off, I took a quick look at my seat. And as expected, it was wet. Looks like someone pead on his pants! I walk the rest of the way home with a smile. Mission, somewhat, accomplished.


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