So that didn’t work

Okay, so it seems like I’m adopting one of the most utterly frustrating traditional Filipino traits passionately called “ningas kugon.” This means enthusiastically starting things but not being able to maintain this enthusiasm most often resulting to not completing the task at all.

Yup. That’s me. Not proud of it. But looking at how I start and stop this blog so abruptly, I seem to be embracing the trait wholeheartedly. This has got to change. Let me reinvent this blog. Watch out for this space. It will have a drastic change. Not sure how soon, but it will. Scout’s honor!

By the way, if anyone is curious, wait. What am I saying? Of course no one i curious. I don’t have any readership! Hahaha! Anyway, I finished the stupid half marathon in a little under 3 hours (xbox did help). Then I proceeded to finish the marathon in a little more than six hours, four cramps in different parts of my leg, several callouses, and a body ache that lasted for the whole week. Numbers that I’m not proud of, but I finished nonetheless. HA! In your face!

For the meantime, I think that’s the only thing I can share for now. I’m actually working in a coffee shop with erotic music playing in the background. Maybe that’s why I got sidetracked into visiting this blog. Another fine example of a wonderful trait. Yup, that would be short attention span. My God, I’m like a preschooler!

See you next time!


Practice day, Lazy way

So there it goes. The first and second day of the reopening of this blog came and went. How did I fare? With flying colors, that’s how!

Uhmn, well, it’s not actually the traditional “flying colors” symbolism. It’s more of a literal flying color. Neon lights at that. Okay, fine! I screwed it. I played Dance Central these couple of days. But that can also be considered practice right? I mean, it did move my body quite a lot and did some fancy footwork. It counts! It really does! :p

I know that I really need to make an effort this coming days to get back to my running ways again, but there’s just to many things going on. I have tight reporting deadlines in my job, customer meetings, conference calls, comfy bed, warm blanket and cold temperature. See! My plate is full! Yep, full of shitty excuses that is. 😀 I don’t care, I’ll still go about my happy ways.

Anyway, I was re-reading my blog then realized that I stopped it abruptly. I don’t remember much of the preparation details anymore, but what I remember is that I was already doing 2-hour runs before the actual marathon, so that helped a lot. Also, I did a pace of about 5:30 per kilometer during practice, and throttled to around 7 minutes per kilometer during the actual marathon. That’s how I finished it, in case anyone is wondering. Hahaha! In case anyone is wondering, that’s funny! I’m the only one reading this blog! XD Sometimes I crack myself up. hahaha!

So fat forward 2014. Err… Fast forward 2014, another marathon, another chance. And I have dinner plans later this evening, so that’s not going to work. Goodbye Wednesday! Thank you for another good excuse to be lazy. :p

I’ll seriously start on Thursday. I’ll keep you (meaning myself) posted on what happens. Wish me luck!

(Myself: Good luck!!)

Reviving the blog

Okay. I’ve decided to revive this blog. I haven’t seen this in a long time. Actually, I haven’t written anything in a very long time. Hopefully there’s enough muscle memory in my finger that will allow me to write something good. Or just anything at all!

By the way, I finished the marathon with a not so flattering time of 5:40. It was good enough for my first marathon. I even qualified to get  the finisher’s shirt since I finished within the curfew of 6 hours. It was an XXL shirt since they ran out of sizes. I was barely a medium that time. But I still wore it proudly. It was like wearing a short dress, but still, proudly. 

Fast forward to 2014. After gaining around 20 lbs, I’m training for another marathon set in May. And since I’m such a diligent runner, I haven’t prepared for it yet. Not even the slightest. In fact, the last time I hit the pavement was for a short 20-minute early January. Needless to say, I’m screwed.

To top it all off, I’ve registered  myself to “practice runs” culminating to the marathon. The first practice run is, drum roll…. den-de-de-deeeeeen!!! This coming Saturday.  And it’s a 21K run. Yep. Totally screwed. 

This is actually why I decided to re-open this blog. Hopefully, this will remind me that I need to practice. And hopefully I DO practice. So that’s that. To my blog, please be my shining light to get me through this 3-year long lazy spell. 🙂

Itchy park

4:00 AM was the designated time to wake up. And my ever so trusty alarm brought me to my senses and told me it was time. Since I had difficulty sleeping the previous night (sounds like an excuse to me!), I asked for a 10-minute allowance which was generously given. So I ended up waking up 10 minutes before 6:00 AM. Super late for my set schedule. I wonder how I make it on time during actual runs. Anyway, this makes it, Body – what? Never mind. I lost count. Stupid will power. :p

Actually, the park I was going to this time wasn’t itchy at all. It’ called the Makati Park and Gardens. Makati, besides being a place, also means for itchy in local parlance, therefore the pun. Ang corny naman kapag in-explain ang joke! 😀 It was my first time to go there but did some map reading the previous day so I won’t get lost. Since, map-wise, the place looked near the EDSA, I decided to walk from the corner of EDSA and JP Rizal. Thanks to the creators of these maps, I was able to warm up before my run. It took a good 20-25 minutes of walk to the place! 

When I first saw the park, I was a bit disappointed. It was deceptively small from the outside. But my disappointment only got as far as the park entrance. It was clean and well kept inside. It has at least 3 water fountains, comfort rooms, an amphitheater, a man-made lake, swimming pools, a function room, several bird cages and an orchid garden. I was huge inside! But the best thing about the park was that it has ample space for runners. And you can also deposit your things in the guard house. Okay, it was not actually designated as such but that’s what I did and the guard accommodated my request! 😉

So then I started running. By this time, my condition is already recovering from my running slack, but the problem is… IT WAS ALREADY 7:30!! And the sun was not taking it easy going up its place. I was extra hot because of the very good weather. Nice timing clouds! Where were you when I needed you? You let the sun take away all my energy! 

Surprisingly, it took a mere 11 and a half laps through the course to meet my 1:15 target. That’s how big the place was. After my run, I took a look around the park to appreciate it more. I’ve posted some of the pictures below.

Before the run (kwarto pic)

Itchy park sinage

Uy may bird! 😀

Paano mo malalaman kung may discrimination? Kapag ganito ang sign sa CR ng lalaki…

Men's room

At ganito ang sa babae..

Ladies room

One of the make-shift trail

One of the fountains

Binay statue

Rock fountain

Parang hindi sa Makati no?

View of my hometown (Mandaluyong) from afar

After the run

The home-park advantage

I was again waken my by trusty alarm at 5 AM. Excited as I was to start my day, I didn’t. Instead I woke up at around 9 AM. WTF!! Now it’s too sunny to run! Unless I can find an indoor track or oval to practice on. Yeah. Dream on. Body – 2 point; Will Power – nil. Come on will power! Body is beating the hell out of us!! So I just decided to run at dusk.

My destination for today: Legaspi Active Park! Obviously it’s on Legaspi Street, one of the backstreets of the central business district. This park is the closest to my heart because it is where I first discovered the joy of running. Plus it is one of the nearest to our office making it very accessible!

The destination

Anyway, I started my routine at around 5:30 PM with the sun yet to set although the clouds are doing me some favor, blocking out Mr. Sun. I took my leisurely walk on my first lap before starting my main set. And by the way, I’ve got some pictures for show this time around!

Before the run

Then I started my timer and began to run. I felt like I was in a better condition than yesterday since I went through my first 5 laps (about 10 mins.) with ease. No, really! I didn’t feel flat-footed or lose my breath easily. Haha! I’m getting back to my running form!

But as I progressed through my course, I felt the lack of mileage was giving my breathing some problem. I should’ve run at least once a week just to be in an acceptable condition. My bad. These kinds of rookie mistakes shouldn’t have been committed by me, an A-class athlete (I wish)! 30 minutes in and I had to slow down to take large gulps of water and mouthfuls of air. Shabby, shabby, shabby.

One thing that kept me going though was a line I saw in on a Nike store window. I don’t stop when I’m tired, I stop when I’m done. Yup, stubborn as I was, I kept going. I have a target. And I will meet that target even if I sound like a woman in labor in doing so. And sure as farts smell bad, I finished. 1 hour, 34 laps, 18 days away. I can do this!

After the run

Day One: Triangle affair

The beautiful alarm on my phone woke me up at 4:30. But my body refused to get up and said it was too early. So I indulged for a little shut-eye and hoped to start my day 30 minutes later. It started just a bit later. Errr, okay, an hour later actually. I woke up at 6, so much for my wake up plan. Body – 1, Will Power 0!! Go body! ;p

There was a bit of an advantage waking up at this time though. For starters, breakfast was ready. No need to prepare or improvise my breakfast. After shoving some for energy, I prepared my stuff and was on my way by 6:20. Hmn.. Am I missing something? Oh right, a bath. I didn’t take one. hahahaha! I was on a hurry okay! Sun was already coming up! And besides, I intend to take one when I get back, so no biggie. 😛

My first venue, the Ayala Triangle gardens. I thought I was going to see an empty garden considering it was early in the morning and a holiday at that. But as it is, there were close to 20 people already doing their thing. Not to be out done, I started doing my routine starting with a brisk walk just to warm things up. One lap in and I decided to start my run.

I ran steadily in a conversational pace just to have a feel of running again. Although it was an easy pace, I was flat-footed and lacked rhythm. That’s what you get for not running in a while. My mouth was already open just 7 minutes in! God was I in good condition!

Anyway, I got through the 30-minute marker without having further difficulty. Okay, I may be exaggerating. I may have stopped for a quick drink 24 ticks in. I may have been already panting. My right shoulder blade and my left toe may have already started hurting. Yes, no difficulty was exaggerated. But no worries, these are all normal signs of a great athlete. 😀

I completed my 45 minute run looking (and feeling) drained. I’m out of shape, I know. It took a couple more rounds of walking to stabilize my breath so I can begin stretching. I then sat for a while and tried to squeeze more water out of my tumbler which seemed to have spilt all its contents without even being close to satisfying my thirst. But I was happy I completed my target and went on my way home.

I waited for an ordinary bus for 2 reasons. The first is I didn’t want to intervene with my sweating and get sick. Next is just a little consideration for the bus. You see, although I changed my shirt, I didn’t bring an extra shorts or underwear since there was no place to change anyway. But lo and behold, the bus I got into had cotton upholstery! Nice!

When I got off, I took a quick look at my seat. And as expected, it was wet. Looks like someone pead on his pants! I walk the rest of the way home with a smile. Mission, somewhat, accomplished.

Training for the full

First of all, I have created this blog initially for myself. I will be running my first full marathon this coming July. Having no less than the longest running marathon in the country as a stage. I will be using this as my tool to track my progress for the upcoming run.

Date of the run is July 4, which gives me about 3 weeks to prepare. Yup, you’re right. I’m gonna die!  That’s too short a time for preparation for this big run. But still, I have made up my mind. I’m going to go through it. Good luck to me! Bahala na si Batman! ;p